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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

On the States of God

Anatomy of God/On the States of God

On the States of God

In the mentality of so many people, God is a formidable Judge, punishing people for their sins.

This opinion prevails among the masses of people who consider themselves… Christians. Although Jesus Christ taught that God is, on the contrary, Love (1 John 4:8, 4:16).

Why is this happening? I believe that this is due to the fact that all those people have no understanding about the essence of God and about His intention concerning us, people.

I happened to discuss this topic in many previous publications. So now I will limit myself to a very brief summary.

The word God has several meanings:

— The Creator, Whose essence is the United We, consisting of many Holy Spirits, dwelling in the highest spatial dimension, called the Abode of the Creator.

— Absolute — that is the Creator, consubstantial with His Creation.

— The Holy Spirit (Brahman, Te). Although the Holy Spirits are infinite in number, collectively these words are often used in the singular. This arose in connection with the tendency of the Holy Spirits to merge into United We in the Embrace of Perfect Divine Love. They are former people who have attained the Divine Perfection through successful traineeship from other Holy Spirits — Those Who have already attained Divinity before.

— Also the Holy Spirit, Who is embodied in the material human body, can be called as God. Such Divine Persons are denoted — in different languages — as Messiah, Avatar, Christ.

When we talk about God without specifying the concrete meaning of this word, it is often necessary to understand that these words are about the Divine Consciousness represented by the United We of Holy Spirits.

The universal infinite in size and eternal Divine Consciousness is in the process of continuous improvement. This is the essence of God’s Life. This Evolutionary Process is realized through the creation by Him of cosmic “islands” of solid matter in different parts of infinite space. When the conditions, which are favorable for the life of organic bodies, are created on the formed planets, the units of consciousness — souls — begin to be incarnated in these bodies. Their task is to develop themselves from incarnation to incarnation, constantly improving — up to the state of highly developed human souls. And the task of the latter is to grow to the Divinity.

Let us see that there are on our planet simultaneously two evolutionary processes: the evolution of organic bodies and the evolution of souls embodied in them.

I emphasize that, what has been said, is not a hypothesis created in the mind of the author of this article, but the Knowledge, which is communicated to us by God [8 et al.]. I just had to integrate this information and present it in modern language in a popular scientific form, which made it accessible to all intellectually developed people.

It makes sense for every one to try to realize one’s own place in this Flow of Evolution of the Universal Consciousness — and live, seeking to improve oneself and helping others in this.

The Perfection of man is the achieved Divinity in Mergence with the Primordial Consciousness. Before that, God must be cognized in all His basic Aspects and Manifestations.

The Perfection should be considered consisting of three main components: intellectual, ethical, and psychoenergetical. In detail, we discussed this topic in the publications listed in the end of the book.

So, the first and main task of each of us is to develop oneself in accordance with this Plan of God, studying from Him in order to, as a result, flow into Him, enriching Him by oneself.

Specific ways of realizing this task can differ for different people [8]. But the most important direction of work on oneself is the transformation of the emotional sphere. Because emotions are the states of us as consciousnesses.

Since God is Love, everyone, who aspires in one’s aspirations to Him, must also gradually transform oneself into Love. And all gross emotional states, associated with hostile and self-centered relationships with other beings, should be excluded — up to the total inability to enter them.

Managing one’s own emotions is very easy to learn with the help of the system of psychical self-regulation developed by us [9]. But let everyone, who has mastered its techniques, take into account that we should exist in the right emotional states not only during appropriate training, but also outside of them: in ordinary life.

Also, each of us needs to understand that we — with all our actions, thoughts, and emotions — are continuously under the close gaze of the Holy Spirits. And there is nothing that we could hide from Them!

They constantly teach each of us, striving to direct to the Perfection. They are the Chief Implementers of karma of each of us. But we create this karma ourselves.

We can understand or not understand Their Intentions.

If we understand — They give us more and more high levels of cognition of God. We — thanks to this — are gradually approaching Their state. And happiness, bliss in our lives — increase due to this.

But if we do not understand — They sometimes have to hurt us: in order to stop us in our wrong tendencies, to change our minds, for us to start to change ourselves.

There is the concept of the “law of karma”. It is formulated by the saying: “What you sow is what you will reap!”.

That is, if you give love to others — then you receive in return the Love of God: directly from the Holy Spirits or through other beings.

And if you are angry, the Holy Spirits will try to help you, giving you to feel what is pain in its appropriate variants.

Therefore, we should want to study what God wants us to be. And also — to listen to His explanations about unpleasant for us situations.

With each of us, nothing happens that would be out of the “field of vision” of the Holy Spirits and would not have been approved by Them. Both the hostile actions of other beings towards us, and our diseases — all this must be perceived by us as God’s indications to us that we are in something wrong. So, we need to understand the reason for what has happened — and, having repented, change ourselves. And — we will thank Them for each received Mindfulness!

After once my body was crippled — without any reason on my part — by a gang of primitives [5], God commented on me this way:

“I rule all! Do not be angry at anyone!”

And He added that I — then — will be grateful for Him for that.

And it happened.

God that time had no other choice to help me in understanding that I should not try to help spiritually those people who were not worthy of it. And I, at that stage of my development, was not yet able to see it.

Thanks to that attack on me, I managed to get rid of the previous stereotypes — and began to pay more attention to my own further improvement. As a result, I myself managed to ascend to those steps of the Path, which could not be before, and my help to people has become, accordingly, fundamentally higher.

“Make sure to assemble the mosaic: the truth is broken up into rumors…” — this was God’s Wishes for the new phase of my development [3].

Yes, we managed to “assemble a mosaic”, having formed and having stated for people the fullness of Knowledge about God, about the Path of cognizing Him and Mergence with Him. After all, no one has succeeded in this before us: we do not know any book where the completeness of this Knowledge would be presented. In all, even the greatest literary sources, we can find only fragments of that “mosaic”!

* * *

God really is Love — and only those spiritual devotees, who have developed themselves as subtle love, can enter Him, having excluded even the very possibility of entering gross emotional states.

However, a question may arise here: God sometimes has to bring up to embodied people severe suffering; is here any contradiction?

But God does not, for example, make wars! They are created by people themselves!

However, God does not prevent people from waging wars. And aggressive instigators of wars create for themselves a very negative karma. But peacekeepers make for themselves a positive fate.

Let us also see: during wars, some people risk themselves for the sake of helping others.

And there are those who turn into hatred, become cruel, for them war is a convenient opportunity to satisfy their most vicious desires.

So the extreme situation of war allows some people to accelerate their approach to the Perfection, and the others — go to the “rubbish heap” of the Evolution, i.e. into hell.

Also, those who observe the diversity of human reactions in the extreme situation of war — also have the opportunity to make for themselves right or wrong conclusions, which are important for their own development.

I will also pay attention to the fact that it is thanks to some wars people of different tribes, who knew only the language of their tribe, can now communicate with representatives of other groups of people in a single language. Such languages \x{200b}\x{200b}have become unifying culturally for a multitude of people.

In the education of us, incarnate people, — not only the Holy Spirits participate. But there is an application in this matter of those favorably developing souls who have not yet attained Divinity. Souls of an animal level of development are also used. Also — the creatures of hell. But they do not act independently, they always are controlled by the Holy Spirits.

One of the typical situations, where God uses the evil creatures of hell to educate us, is some mental illnesses caused by obsessions. This provokes both patients and witnesses of what is happening — to fear of devils and demons. The attention of such incarnate people can be completely switched to them — instead of strengthening their aspiration to God. These people are attuned to hell — and are thus drawn into it.

It is sad that this fundamental gross mistake is encouraged, including, in some mass religious associations.

I have read that God does not lead us into temptation, because He is the Perfect Love. But this is not true: the temptations created by the Holy Spirits are the constant testing of us for the intellectual readiness of each to ascend to the next stages of development. This is similar to the classes or courses of a regular educational institution: in order to move to the next level of training, one must endure an appropriate testing for academic progress. Who could not resist — remains “for the second year” or is excluded from the educational process altogether.

Conclusion? God, the essence of Whom we now know, must be perceived by us as the Purpose of our cognition, as the Main Object of our love, as an Omnipotent and Perfect Teacher.

Personally I tried to live this way since I turned the biology scientist’s eye to non-material forms of life.

Have I made any mistakes since then? Yes, certainly. Errors are inevitable in any search for new knowledge. We just have to learn not to repeat them.

My mistakes mainly concerned my inability in those years to provide spiritual help to people.

For example, it seemed to me that to all, who asked, I should give what they wanted. Whereas, in fact, it was necessary to give many of them a different: to point out the inadmissibility — before God — of their egocentrism.

Or there was a time, when I thought that my main help should be to fill my friends with my own energy of consciousness. They — filled up, quickly grew by consciousnesses in the quantitative perspective. But it turned out that… this did not add to them mentality! But it is the level of intellectual development that determines the ability of a person to successfully comprehend the Path…

And I gradually understood many other things, trying to help others, — I made mistakes. But in fact, if I did not try to help, I would not have learned anything. And there would be nothing for me to share with you, my readers!

Having chosen the right strategy for advancement along the Path and finding gradually optimal tactical decisions, I managed to become worthy enough that God let me come into Himself. He also ordered to tell people about Him and about the true spiritual Path.

Having gained during many years the direct experience of communication with many Holy Spirits, I can now complete this article with the following statements:

We are not separate from God. On the contrary, we are parts of Him as the Absolute. Moreover, we are interested to be open for Holy Spirits.

God is interested in the positive development of each of us.

And He really loves us! And He is not capable of other emotions!

But His function does not at all include the satisfaction of all of us with “earthly” benefits. He is not a servant to us! That is we must be His servants!

It is appropriate to direct our religious efforts not to beg anything from Him, but to study His Will for us and to fulfill it.

According to His Will, each of us must constantly strive to become better!

Namely, our development consists of three main directions: intellectual, ethical, and psychoenergetical.

The latter includes the tendency of refinement of consciousness — up to the level of the Holy Spirits. This state, being achieved, must become the constant background. Rough emotions should be excluded; we must become incapable of entering them even in extreme situations.

Anger, irritability, egocentrism — these are the properties of the beings of hell. Wishing to the owners of such emotions: save, while you have such an opportunity! Without owning a body, it will not be possible to change oneself!

In what states do the Holy Spirits live?

When They are beyond the accomplishment of concrete deeds, Their state can be designated as Transparent Calm. Moreover, They exist precisely in Mutual Mergence, which is predetermined by Their perfect mutual Love.

If They proceed from the Calm for the accomplishment of concrete deeds, then they acquire luminosity. It can be, for example, the Light of Consciousness in the form of Mahadouble. The same Light fills the main volume inside our planet. And so on.

Just as the emotions of incarnate people can be of different intensity — the emotions of the Love of the Holy Spirits also have a different degree of brightness. With an increasing intensity of the manifestation of emotions, luminosity also increases. So there are wonderful pictures of the Divine Fire. But this Fire can also be different: up to the “blinding whiteness” [3].

A variant of the manifestation of the Divine Fire is also the “Sun of God” — a form very convenient for study and attunement, accepted by the Holy Spirits.

The “Sun of God” comes from the Greatness of the Ocean of Divine Fire, Which is in the Primordial Depths. This is the Luminosity of Holy Spirits — in Their active state.

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