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Contemporary knowledge about God, Evolution, and the meaning of human life.
Methodology of spiritual development.

The Divine Fire. How to Become It?

Anatomy of God/The Divine Fire. How to Become It?

The Divine Fire.
How to Become It?

On the Evolution of Consciousness

The Evolution of the Universal Consciousness proceeds from simple forms — to higher ones.

It is realized through multiple incarnations into material bodies of individual particles of consciousness — souls — on suitable for this planets. And souls, who have attained the Perfection, flow into their Creator, enriching Him with themselves. This is, briefly, the meaning of the existence of the whole Creation and of each of us, in particular.

Each soul is sent to incarnate — in the beginning — into the simplest material forms. Then — into increasingly complex bodies of different kinds of plants, animals, and then people, thus developing in a sequence of incarnations.

At the end of this way, every soul, which has successfully passed prior obstacles, faces the task of cognizing the Primordial Consciousness — to begin direct relationships with Him, to search Him, to learn to join Him, to foster by Him and then act out of Him, helping those embodied souls who pass the final steps of the Path.

It is clear that asking questions about the meaning of one’s existence, about the essence of death and about what awaits after it — it is possible for souls which are only at the human stage of development.

But very many people, who are still in the early stages of their human psychogenesis (that is, the process of the development of souls), do not think about it and continue to exist on a completely animal level; their thinking and behavior are determined only by primitive instincts and reflexes. If such incarnated souls are brought up in a religious environment, their religious life turns out to be just as primitive: it is expressed only in the performance of certain “rules” about how to dress, what “religious” bodily movements should be performed, what standard prayers must be pronounced, etc. Many of these people are intolerant to those who do not comply with these rules, which are adopted by them. And they begin to hate all those who think differently, to be at enmity against them. Angry, aggressive primitivism — both in individual and in mass manifestations — are characteristic features of just such religious “fans”. For people of this psychogenetic age, the keenness on prediction, also on guarding, occult, and even “satanic” magic — are also peculiar…

Such primitivism is peculiar, in varying degrees, to some part of the practitioners of all sectarian religious trends. In order to enclose the Knowledge about One Universal God: about His Essence, Intentions, about the ethics offered by Him to all people, about the methodology of spiritual perfecting, which is common to all, — a high level of intellectual development is required. But the development of intelligence is slow enough in series of incarnations…

The emergence of primitive “ritual” versions of religion, therefore, is inevitable, because it satisfies the needs of the masses of people, who are in the early stages of psychogenesis. But the positive significance of such religious directions is only that adherents are accustomed to take into account the existence of certain non-embodied forms of life, which are called God, gods, spirits, angels, demons, house-spirits, etc.

I repeat that only reliance on “saving” rituals and prayers, but not the application of real efforts to transform ourselves in accordance with what God wants to see in us, — is the way of people who are still very young in evolutionary relation. And they easily yield to the influence of strong leaders — of different quality, according to their intellectual and ethical criteria. After all, young souls, like children (in the ordinary sense of the word), do not yet have the ability to critically evaluate perceived information. This must be taken into account: against the backdrop of some holistic ritualism, concepts can be preached, which are even diametrically opposite to the truth — in their spiritual and social significance.

It is significant that some people, who are already quite psychogenetically adult, having found themselves in a social environment where there is no serious spiritual knowledge, prefer to remain atheists… Although they could do a lot both for themselves, and for other people, and for God, if they got in touch with knowledge corresponding to their level of intellectual development.

* * *

To what, more specifically, can those, who have already matured to the ability to perceive higher spiritual knowledge and make real and intensive efforts for the spiritual transformation of themselves, can direct their efforts?

The first is to carefully understand what is God, man, Evolution, God’s plan for us, and accordingly — what is the meaning of our lives and how it can be realized.

The second is to intensively begin the ethical transformation of ourselves in accordance with what namely God wants to see in us, but not the leaders of this or that religious association of people.

The third is to work on oneself in the psychoenergetical direction of development. It includes the following steps:

1. Cleansing the body of coarse energies, starting with chakras, main meridians and vertical segments. Already simply this usually gives a radical improvement in the state of health, even those diseases, against which physicians are powerless, diminish.

Also — mastering the ability to volitionally move the concentration of consciousness along these structures, with an emphasis on the chakra anahata. On this basis, the art of psychic self-regulation is mastered [9].

2. The development of oneself as a spiritual heart — more and more refined through the cultivation of subtle emotions and also growing in quantitative terms. As a result, a steady calm, silence is formed — in the vast depths of the spiritual heart.

Only after this the confident direct cognition of God becomes possible in His different Aspects, including individual Manifestations of the Holy Spirits and Their United We, both at Their rest and in states of activity. The latter can be seen — by the vision of the developed consciousness — as the Divine Light or Fire of different brightness.

At this stage, spiritual devotees acquire for themselves quite really perceived non-incarnate Divine Teachers — Holy Spirits.

3. A fundamentally important stage of perfecting is mastering the methods of Mergence, Fusion with God in all His indicated Manifestations, and also with Him in the Aspect of the Absolute.

Information on how to move along this Path can be gleaned, including, from our books [1-3,5-15,19-20,22-30, etc.].

Tenderness of Sufi*

Once we intended to go to work in the forest on the working site of Divine Sufi. But — such rain poured in the morning!… Harmony in the forest would not have happened. And a camp-fire under such rain is impossible to kindle: this kind of rain floods fires. If you sit by the fire and the rain cloud comes up, such a shower begins, then the fire makes the “psh” — and “evaporates”: the whole fire as if turns into steam.

But during a little rain, the camp-fire gives harmony. You can sit next to its warmth and meditate.

… Sufi Herself came to our house. She is here with us for a long time already.

She snuggled up to all those present. We could clearly feel Her Divine Tenderness! She kissed us by Her Divine Lips of the Body of Consciousness. Or — hugged with Her Arms. She entered our bodies and led everyone into Her blissful Divine state… This is how the Divinity is manifested, in particular!

I emphasize that this level of refinement is characteristic not only for all Female Holy Spirits (i.e., incarnated for the last time in women’s bodies). But all the Divine Men, including Jesus, Krishna, Gautama Buddha, Babaji from Haidakhan, Sathya Sai Baba, etc., are the same.

The ultimate subtlety of Consciousness is the main sign of the Divinity. Plus — Hugeness, Power, and Wisdom.

Although in order to become visible for people, who have not yet achieved the likeness of Them by the criterion of refinement, They can, to some extent, condense Themselves — in order to become noticed: seen, heard.

Consistency of Consciousness with the Substrate

One of our Divine Teachers told us a long time ago that one of the properties of consciousness is to strive to be attached to some substrate.

Man, incarnating, in the late stages of fetal development fasten to his or her body, which has not yet been born.

And so — the child is born, begins to stir, breathe, then eat, learn new life in the world of dense matter. The child has no other option for development, except as firmly entangled with the body and realizing oneself as it.

But after growing up, people begin to look for new substrates for their fusion.

One of these options is the love-union of two embodied souls. That is, a soul is fastened not only with its body, but also with another soul.

That’s how important are conjugal contacts in evolutionary terms! I mean the creation of strong pairs, where the important binding factor is emotions of the sexual component of relations! This is how we learn to grow together not with matter, but with the soul, with the immaterial substrate!

And this prepares us for the fact that at the final stage of our development we already know how to really cognize the Primordial Consciousness — to be united with Him.

I note that for this there must also be a corresponding aspiration of the soul, i.e. love for God, like falling in love with another person and exceeding it. And it makes sense — already long beforehand — to remember that God should become my main Beloved!

But to fuse with the Divine refinement of the Holy Spirits is possible only by becoming qualitatively the same as They. This concerns not only the absence of ethical vices, but, what should be noted now, the subtlety of a soul.

The refinement of a soul occurs only through the acquisition of hesychia, that is, inner peace, inner silence. In vanity, in passions, even “righteous”, is impossible to achieve refinement. But this is possible through the methods of hesychasm, namely — modern developed hesychasm [9].

Many people understand by the term hesychasm, only Jesus’ prayer. It is not right. Hesychasm is the knowledge of finding inner silence, inner peace. Jesus’ prayer is only one of the methods.

What is most significant for us from the experience of the ancient Hesychasts is the work with the spiritual heart: a part of the soul that first develops in the chakra anahata. Then it overgrows this chakra, it overgrows all the body, it becomes huge — over the seas, over the steppes, over the mountains… All the Earth and the space around it can be filled with such developed great “anahata”!

Those who have developed themselves in this way as the spiritual hearts, acquire the ability to function as being largely independent of the body’s consciousnesses.

And gradually, walking this way — not for one day, not for a week, but for years of working on ourselves — we can achieve the level of refinement of the Holy Spirits, to cognize Their Fiery United We. And then we fuse with Their United We — as with a new Substrate, the ultimate Substrate in which we join forever.

… How can one develop that subtlety in oneself? It is achieved, first of all, through mastering the art of psychic self-regulation, through the exclusion of all grossness, through emotional attunement with beauty, through wise care of others, affection, tenderness.

And yet — you have to be a huge spiritual heart.

Then it is possible to unite with any of the Divine Teachers Who are already well known to oneself.

Here it is — Merging with God in one of its first implementations!

And this is only the beginning of a new huge stage in the development of the soul!

Divine Luminosity

The ability of material bodies to merge is relative. It is only a temporary sexual intercourse.

But souls are able to merge into oneness and even fuse — for a long time or forever.

We must see that mutual love leads to the merging and fusing of souls. And it makes sense to learn such love — so as to then fall in love with God.

The perfect Love of Divine Souls is manifested, in particular, in the fact that Their usual state is a mutual Mergence, a state of United We.

They are happy to help those who improve themselves, who aspire in love to Them. And then They take on all Their new Worthy Disciples.

Jesus explained to His followers that God is Love (1 John 4:8). He was talking namely about this Love.

It must also be understood that the United We of Holy Spirits (i.e., non-incarnate Divine Souls) — this is the Primordial Consciousness, the Creator, God-the-Father, Allah, Tao; embodied people call Him by these and other names. There are no other “more significant” Divine Personalities Who are hierarchically situated over the United We.

By the way, knowledge about the essence of the United We allows to understand why in the prophecies of the Quran God speaks about Himself both as “I”, and as “We”. In the Old Testament of the Bible, the word Elohim, which means the plural, is also used to denote God.

The United We is the “I” of God.

However, the state of Divine Souls in the United We may be somewhat different: the intensity of Their activity and, accordingly, Their luminosity can vary.

Lack of activity, rest — is characterized by Transparent Gentle Calm.

Their usual active state is the Lovely Living Light of the Perfect Love.

And the higher Their activity — the more vivid Their Fire-like Light is seen, up to the “Blinding Whiteness of Fire” [3].

They show Their worthy disciples these states of Theirs, They teach — through Mergence with Them — to dwell in Them.

But disciples will also need to learn to enter these states on their own and retain them.

* * *

We see that the Holy Spirits can be in different states: rest, some degrees of activity, They can also incarnate, becoming Messiahs.

Being embodied and fully understanding and accepting Their Mission, They tell in conversations with incarnate people about the existence of the United We, from Whom They came. They call the United We as Their God-the-Father, Ishvara, Param-Brahman (Highest Brahman), Tao, Allah, and other similar names in different human languages. They also talk about other Holy Spirits Which are not currently embodied and act according to the tasks of the United We individually.

That’s how the notion of “Trinity” arose. But we will also see that it does not possess an independent value: it reflects only the difference in the temporary functional states of the Holy Spirits.

And the criterion that makes it possible to affirm the Holiness of this or that Individuality is, first of all, the Divine level of subtlety.

God (the Creator) is One, although He consists of the Multitude of Those Who have reached Him.

Well, will not we all be rushing into Him? The Path is clear!

Transforming Matter Properties of the Divine Fire

Looking at literature sources, in ancient times Pythagoras used to speak of the Divine Fire, calling It “the Central Fire”. Books of Agni Yoga were dedicated to the Divine Fire. A variant of the Divine Fire is the “Sun of God” (or the “Divine Sun”), of which Thoth-the-Atlantean taught and then — Jesus Christ through Ben Cullen (see in [8]). The same knowledge is inherent in the spiritual tradition of Native Americans, described, among others, by Carlos Castaneda. In particular, we can talk about the property of the Divine Fire to transform matter. With the help of the Divine Fire, it’s possible not only to heal from illnesses, but also make temporary dematerialization of one’s own body. (All this can be found in [8,16]).

I note that we must understand well that the Divine Fire only outwardly resembles a fire, typical for the world of matter. The Divine Fire exists precisely in the depths of the multidimensional space, very far from the material plane. And It does not possess properties of scorching — for material bodies.

We have already discussed the methods of self-healing and healing with the help of the Holy Spirits in Their Light Manifestations [9-10,19, et al.]. The simplest of these methods are psychophysical exercises and Pranava. All of them not only heal, but also teach to become the Divine Light. That is, they gradually lead to the mastery of the states of the Holy Spirits.

The same can be said about the mastery of the Divine Fire: the attempts to perfect the body with Its help lead to the mastery of It.

We will not describe in detail the methods of becoming the Divine Fire. Some of them may be found in our other books. I will only say now that as a result of the corresponding efforts the adept learns to sink into the ocean-like state of Divine Fire and merge with It.

Then it remains to master only a little: being this Ocean, by Fire Hands and by other ways, we expel from our material bodies everything that is not the Divine Fire…

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